“Spring sexiness“

This post is dedicated to my late grandmother, my fashion guru!! She was a fashionista before the word was invented lol! Her love for bold accessories and bright clothing trickled down the family tree & I took it all in. “If classy was a person”, it would be her! 😆I love you grandma!! 💕💕💕💕

The perfect sexy spring look is all about neutrals and shimmer✨ Maybe a little glitter here and there! And lots and lots of clear lips gloss..hmmm maybe a nude would do. My favorite lipgloss for this time of year is “Fussy” by Fenty beauty. It gives you a nice moisturizing gloss, with a hint of pink; it’ll pair well with a pair of natural OR dramatic wispy mink lashes. As for the shimmer 😁, my favorite highlight is “diamonds” also by Fenty beauty. 

Now let’s talk hair, many like hues of blonde and brown for the spring time, which is BEAUTIFUL!!! A blonde cut bob and beachy waves would be the whip cream on that milkshake lol. For the ladies who aren’t really blonde of brown wearers, a deep red, or wine is also a great choice for this time of year. And of course black is year around lol, pair it with some beachy waves and we have a winner!!

Last but not least, WARDROBE! 🛍🎀 flowers, nudes, taupe, mustard, rose, white just to name a few  skin complimenting colors for the spring. Try these colors with flowy kimonos, off the should blouses, or sleeveless plunge bodysuits; try pairing them with your favorite skinny or wide leg jeans 😊. As for shoes...clear is in!!! Close toe or open toe pumps would set any of these combos off. Cork is a really cute style as well, try it in a sandal or strappy heel. We can’t forget accessories!! For this look, less is more! Make your look pop with a statement bag or clutch, and a few of your favorite pieces!

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  • This is Great!! Keep em coming❤

    • Lakesha
  • Beautiful salute to your grandmother and very help❤️❤️❤️

    • Janell Daniels
  • Yesssss I Love It. N She Has All The Sexy Baucy And Sophisticating Looks. Trust Me She Won’t Stir You In The Wrong Direction😍

    • Da’Iccytologist
  • I love you ❤️

    • Nepheww
  • Well this was helpful!! Lol 😻

    • Ari