“Saucy in sweats“

Sweatsuits and tracksuits are all the rage right now. It’s a perfect “go to” when you’re on the go but you still wanna look cute lol. And they’re swaggy enough to wear to a concert, or just a night on the town when you pair them with the right necessities. And I said necessities because these are things you NEEEEEED! 🤣...But basically you can dress them up and dress them down 🤷🏽‍♀️
On your dress down days, pair it with your favorite dad hat, tshirt, and some cool sneaks! Top it off wit some clear lip gloss & mascara $ you’ll be surprised how many stares you get 😂. 
Now your dress UP days are a little different 😏, the cool sneaks can stay, but give it a little more flare by pairing it with a cute bodysuit, or a crop top, or of your really bold (like me), you can just let a cute bra do its thing. Oh....and lose the dad hat 🙄 lol. Instead add some cute glasses, and a saucy crossbody bag...crazy how a few minor tweaks can change a whole look huh 😎

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