“Plus & pretty!”

“It’s so easy to get thrown into a category these days. My category is “fat girl with a pretty face” go! That statement has always been hilarious to me because of course I feel like I have so much more to offer aside from this gorgeous face that my parents blessed me with. What about my obsession with bright colors and my love of music? You can’t see how well versed I am by just glancing at me right? Well, I’ve found over the years that the easiest way to make a bold statement and set yourself apart from the “normals” is through fashion.

Whenever I get dressed it’s theatrical just like me! I have a theme and I see it all the way through. Details are important and there are a lot of moving pieces when it comes to my personality and I want it to be evident without me having to say a word hunty! This look in particular was my tribute to my 90’s childhood.

Now I want you to imagine my excitement when I found the cutest cropped tee with ALL of my favorite cartoon characters from my childhood. I took a trip down memory lane and then made a sharp right into my shopping I decided to pair this cropped tee with a pair of olive cargo pants. Now who doesn’t love a pair of cargo pants? What a way to combine comfort and practicality! When I think of the 90’s I think oversized! That’s why i chose this matching olive denim frayed jacket to complete my look. Can you believe I found all three of these pieces at Fashion Nova. They have an awesome curvy collection ladies!

Accessories! No outfit is complete without accessories. It’s just not and why would you want to skip the most fun part anyway? I love to mix and match brands, colors, patterns you name it! As you can see I’m wearing yellow snake print boots from Shoenami with an Aldo belt bag and yellow beret from my local beauty supply just to add some sunshine!

So don’t let anyone put you in a box! You are much more than your size! Have fun and express yourself! You aren’t just fat with a pretty face girl! “You a whole masterpiece out chea!””

-Muffy Tracks

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