“Only uniqueness unveils greatness”

“I truly adopted the saying “when you look good, you feel good” since I was a kid. I was the kid at 5 years old, learned how to iron because I didn’t like the way my mama ironed my clothes. I never believed of stepping out the house and not being fresh. Fashion has always been a way of expression for me, being truly confident and a leader when it comes to style means you wear the fit, it doesn’t wear you. Growing up we had to be creative with our wardrobe, my mom was a TJ Maxx junkie so we would get the nice brands for the low. I would clothes swap with my bros so it would seem like my fit game was on point. Basicallymy point is no matter the circumstance, never sacrificing the opportunity to look and feel good on the inside and out.


The art of fresh for me is so much more than the outfit. For a man, that hair cut gotta be right and the beard has to be precise, if your head look bummy, you could have on $1000 outfit and it wouldn’t matter, or the former, when your head and beard is fresh, you could have on a thrift store outfit with some fly kicks and you look like you ready to hit the runway.


I am a sneaker fanatic, I love them, like really love them. I think it may come from my mama not really wanting to buy us expensive shoes as a kid and we use to window shop all the time. When I became an adult I went crazy.  I believe the shoes make the outfit, your shoes have to present a level of creativity, quality and statement. Again, this doesn’t mean price, because you can have the most expensive shoes and they don’t compliment your outfit at all.

I love my versatility when it comes to fashion, whether I have on a three piece suit or a jogging suit with some fly kicks, the statement of fly is still present. When I get dressed in the morning, when im picking out my outfit for the day, I ask my self “who do I feel like being today?” The answer to that question drives my fit motivation. In my profession it doesn’talways afford me the opportunity to dress in my colorful sneakers, skinny jeans and retro tshirt, but I bring that same energy to my business wear.


Fashion is art, and art comes from the soul, it’s a true expression of who you are. No matter if your working or playing, represent yourself well…make your statement“


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  • Well said fly guy!

    • Sharlyn