“Coordinating craze”


Let’s talk coordinating with your friends/family....& I don’t want that to be confused with wearing matching outfits. I frown upon that 😂have you ever called your friend and said “what you wearing?” This is important, let me tell you why....

Naturally, everyone has their own unique style, which is great!! My cousin has been calling me for years asking me what I’m wearing before we go somewhere, and at this point it’s just psychic abilities 🔮 or something lol, we’re always on the same page. If I’m wearing jeans, she’s wearing jeans, if I’m wearing shorts, she’s wearing shorts, if I’m wearing sequins, she’s wearing something fancy too. We just always seem to mesh....but still keep our individuality With our hair, makeup, and the accessories we choose. ❤️

  • One way to mesh with your people is clothing type. Everyone should be on one accord! First things first is it a dressy event, or a casual event? You don’t wanna be looking like you’re going to prom, and your friends are looking like they’re going to a movie 😆. Or you don’t wanna be looking like you’re actually going to a wedding, and your husband is looking like he’s going to a bar with the fellas...this brings me to my next way to coordinate..
  • COLOR coordination, and no, this doesn’t not mean wear the exact same color(s) lol. More like the same “color scheme”. This is ideal for couples, & families. Maybe the same color in different shades, or the same color combination with vastly different outfits, that’s always a cute ones! 😄 mix and match colors to make it playful 

Be a unit with your family/friends, you’ll be surprised at all the head turns and side eyes of admiration 😉😛

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  • Love this! So important, can’t be looking off, that’s how you know if the love is real or if they just show up together. Friends don’t let friends be uncoordinated.

    • Sharlyn Claxton