“Cali swag Ka$h”

“I’m an entrepreneur , marketer , and an artist. With that being said my style has always had multiple inspirations, especially from living in New Orleans where the culture is in art & self expression.
I love to express myself thru my attire, or when put together brilliantly turns into the term “fashion”. I love designer but I also enjoy thrifting. I’m one who enjoys combining expensive bags and shoes with low budget outfits. To me, pieces from consignment, vintage, and thrift shops are 1 of 1 and having no one else wearing your exact pieces is priceless. Most pieces are timeless in a sense, if you know how to pair it with the right thing. So I may take a thrift store jean jacket, a H&M crop top, some high waisted jeans and some dope rare sneakers, and top it off with accessories and a Palm Springs Louis Vuitton mini backpack. To me, the backpack is worth it and very durable so it will last me years in my wardrobe. And I’m obsessed with shoes so that’s usually my favorite part of any outfit. In my opinion, the bag and shoes are what matters. As long as everything ties in together well you can pull off almost any look with the right accessories and color scheme. Fashion is one of my favorite ways of expression. How someone dresses can tell you a few things about them if you pay attention. In college, most of my colleagues thought I was from Cali, all because of how I dressed. I never even knew Cali had a way of dressing but I guess my style reminded them of it. Eventually I started traveling to Cali a lot more for music and started to notice the similarities myself. A carefree sense of style mixed in with high end fashion and a couple labels here and there. I guess you can call me Cali Swag Kash haha.”

-Ka$hley Banks

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  • Yasssss I always love her style 😍

    • Lolo